Armless not Brainless
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Armless not Brainless
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What is life like without arms?

Rod Haines was born in 1942, at a time when doctors freely gave advice on options of what to do with this armless baby, and whom they thought would also have limited brain function.

Rod was the middle child of five children and his childhood was full of love, support and encouragement from family and friends. He was mainstreamed at school and went on to university to become a lawyer, and later diverting into other academic areas, especially in the Health area. He has built several boats using his feet as his hands, and ventured into all sorts of crazy activities like skydiving, land yachting, gliding, water skiing …….

Rod met his sweetheart Leonie (Bunny) in his 20s and later they married. Their combined family of three children, Nicki, Steve and Sam shared in their early boating adventures around the Waimea Estuary in Nelson, until the time came when it was just the two of them left and they built their beloved boatahome Gentle, on which they now spend their summers cruising and exploring New Zealand inland waters.

This story touches on aspects of Rod’s life growing up without arms, how he has adapted to fit in with his environment and how he helps others adapt to his environment. His passion for justice and equal treatment for all has guided his career path and his community work (often done in the background). He tries hard to put people at ease when they first meet him and his sense of humour and dry wit leaves us with wanting to know more about this quirky character who has a different take on life.

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